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Is there any Temperature software to view the Vrams temps? I'm about to re-paste and etc.

NapkinsNapkins Member Posts: 27 Enthusiast
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I'm about to change out my thermal pads for the K5 Pro paste that supposedly replaces pads now..

I will also re-paste my GPU/CPU with Mx-4 but I also bought this K5 Pro paste for the thermal pad replacements on the Vrams of the motherboard etc.

So I was wondering if you experts knew a software that can show or I should use to test my tempatures best before I change out the thermal pads and apply the paste I purchased.

I guess There is software to show CPU/GPU temps but is there software that shows Vram temps? or I guess how would I know if the paste is working properly? if my laptop just doesn't start having blue screens of deaths or slowing down after my repaste? ha.



  • StevenGenStevenGen ACE Posts: 6,740 Pathfinder

    It depends on what gpu you have, a laptop or desktop as the desktop GPU cards show their GPU Memory Junction Temps (like below) for their VRAM but laptops don't (see captions below).

    You need to Install HWiNFO software and then click on Video Adaptor > NVidia or AMD gpu > then at the top you have Sensors and click on that and you should have the below charts, so go to GPU section and if you have a GPU Memory Junction Temperature" then that will show the vram temp, but on laptops this section does not show that it only shows GPU Temperature or GPU Hot Spot Temps.

    HWiNFO Desktop GPU Card VRAM temps

    HWiNFO Laptop only showing GPU temps and not VRAM memory temps as it only shows GPU Hot Spot Temps

  • NapkinsNapkins Member Posts: 27 Enthusiast

    Well, thanks, I'll try to have a look and just mark down what I can with HWinfo

  • Ac3r_PowerUserAc3r_PowerUser Member Posts: 1 New User

    For most models you can't check VRAM temperature. However I confirmed performance imporvement after K5 PRO application through FPS increase. You can try some FPS testing software and check your FPS before and after application. If you don't see increase with K5 PRO it means that you didn't apply it correctly (you didn't apply enough).

  • NapkinsNapkins Member Posts: 27 Enthusiast

    Yeah I know what you mean, I will be very generous with applying the K5 Pro paste on the vrams.. I actually just recieved it today! haha So I can do it today!

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