Need help in choosing ram for an515-55-56R2

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Hello I'm new to tech stuff,, I have a acer nitro 5 an515-5, and I want to upgrade the ram, but I am confused if my laptop supports dual channel or not. Because if so i'm gonna replace the 8gb ram that says has 2933 mhz according to task manager, with two 8 gb 2666mz of ram.

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    The Nitro model laptops all run at Dual Channel but they need 2x ram modules like 2x 8GB min to run in Dual Channel. What is the exact model number of your Nitro laptop, as A515-5 as this model number is not the full model numbers! Your laptop should be one of these models with the last two number staring at 5 like - AN515-51 or 52 or 54 or 55 or 56 or 57 or 58, we need that last number, as we can't give you the exact specs for your ram without that number.

    Usually DDR4-2933Mhz is not a correct fitted ram by Acer as its either DDR4-2666Mhz which won’t show 2933MHz speed in Task Manager or it could be DDR4-3200MHz that your laptop is running incorrect ram specs at DDR4-3200Mhz.

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    This is the best ram for your AN515-55 that Acer recommends at max 32GB at 2x 16GB DDR4-3200MHz type ram into this laptops 2x slot that will run in Dual Channel ram that is quicker and best for gaming and high end software. Also upgrade the M.2 SSD boot drive to a fast PCIe Gen.3x4 type drive like a 1TB WD SN750 Black or the 1TB Samsung 970 Plus drive as running max ram of 32GB and a fast M.2 SSD will improve your laptops performance considerably. I speak from personal experience, as I’ve done the same to my AN515-56 and its improved its performance considerably for gaming and all high end software usage.

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