Acer CB342CU - 34" curved monitor - USB-B port not working

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Hey all,

Yesterday I bought the Acer CB234CU2 - 34" curved monitor. The monitor has x4 USB-A ports for my peripherals. I've plugg in my mouse, keyboard, headphones and camera.

The monitor also has a USB-C port and a USB-B port. It was explained to me that I could run a

  1. USB-C to USB-C cable from the monitor to a computer, and then all peripherals will work. I've tested this both on my laptop and desktop and it works great. They are reciving input from the mouse, keyboard and camera, and are able to output to the headphones.
  2. USB-B (monitor side) to USB-A (computer side) and that this should also allow all my peripherals to work. Unfortunately, despite trying two different USB-B to USB-A cables (both version 3.0 as required) the input from my mouse and keyboard is not getting to my computer. On the computer end I tried plugging it into three different USB-A ports, one marked 'bios', another marked '3.0' and one marked '3.1'. It worked on none of them

In the monitor settings I found a setting claled 'USB Port Select' under 'system' which has the option 'USB-B' and USB-C'. I thought this is exactly what I needed, and in fact when I swap it to USB-B, the keybmoard, mouse, etc are not longer communicating over the USB-C port as before, but unfortuantely, they also aren't communicating over the USB-B to USB-A cable.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Side note: Another small and annoying issues, is when the computer goes into 'rest mode' (not actually sleep-mode, just the monitor turning off), the the monitor turns off the power to my peripherals, meaning I can't use the mouse,or key board to 'wake' the computer. If anyone knows how I can turn this power-saving feature off that would also be appreciated.

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    Partilly Solved - I actually just tried resetting my comptuer now that I had the Acer software installed and now when I swap to USB-B, mouse and keyboard and Camera are working, BUT, audio output to headphones isn't working :(

    Any advice on the problem at the bottom of the post so (regarding the power-saving) will still be helpful. Thanks!

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    About the sound, check this setting:

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