How can I increase RAM speed on my 5536 Aspire?

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Hi everyone,

I have this old laptop 5536/5236. It came preloaded with Windows 7. I liked it quite a bit, so to continue to use it with current applications I upgraded it to Windows 10. This went very smoothly, but it has become evident very quickly that the 4GB of RAM it had restricted its speed a lot. I prefer my computers to run with minimum of paging activety, so I replace its two 2GB memory modules with two 4GB ones. Again, it went fine and the increased memory got recognized by the system and paging activity practically disappeared.

But my question is this: the new memory modules have 800MHz rating. I assumed that the CPU would interrogate the RAM capability and clock it accordingly. I was wrong! The new memory is still being clocked at 667MHz, which is a pity. There is no option in Phoenix BIOS to manually adjust the FSB-to-DRAM multiplier from 1.67 to the desired 2. Anyone knows how it can be done? Maybe there is some obscure patching utility that can edit the multiplier? Or is there as yet unanounced verrsion of a BIOS that would be compatible with Turion X2 64 CPU processor on JV50PU motherboard to replace the Phoenix 1.1.1? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards to all, Bob.

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    Unfortunately, you can not increase the speed of the RAM, your onboard memory on the motherboard supports up to only 1600MHz, so when you install a 2400MHz module the system will run at the lower speed of the modules.

    You can replace 8GB(2666MHz) with a 16GB 2400MHz module or replace 16GB 2400MHz with a 8GB 2666MHz module.
    16GB 2400MHz+ 16GB 2400MHz-> will run at 2400MHz
    8GB 2666MHz+8GB 2666MHz-> will run at 2666MHz.



  • BobBergBobBerg Member Posts: 4 New User

    Hi LunaNova14,

    Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it does not make any sense to me. It looks like you confused my ancient laptop with a much newer model. I attach the block diagram of its motherboard (JV50PU). It does not have any onboard memory let alone with the super-fast timings you mention. But it does show the DDR2 RAM options of either 667 or 800 MHz. That implies to me that 800Mhz that I have installed should be clocked as such, but it is actually still clocked at 667Mhz. So my question still stands.

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    Hi @BobBerg

    This is from the Acer data sheet attached, the DDR2 clockspeed is 667 MHZ and when you go for Dual Channel that will be almost twice that.

    note that the 2 x DDR2 must be identical in capacity, speed, voltage and CL. Since you tried an 8GB DDR2 already I think your max. RAM is 8 GB so I recommend that you instal 2x 4GB soDIMM DDR2 667 MHz (Dual Channel).

    "System memory Aspire 5536 (Windows Vista)
    Dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM support
    Up to 4 GB of DDR2 667 MHz memory, upgradeable to 8 GB using two soDIMM modules for 64-bit OS.
    Up to 2 GB of DDR2 667 MHz memory, upgradeable to 4 GB using two soDIMM modules for 32-bit OS."

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    Hi @BobBerg

    Did that solve your problem? If so please click on Like and Answer😉

  • BobBergBobBerg Member Posts: 4 New User

    Thanks Puraw,

    Yes I am familiar with the 5536's specifications. My point was that the motherboard supports RAM clocking to 800MHz, but it looks like the BIOS design is such that restricts it to 667MHZ and makes it impossible to change. That is why my question whether anyone knows about a different version of compatible BIOS that allows tuning. Or are you saying that the reason the system is setup this way is because the processor itself cannot handle such timing even though the motherboard can? Thank again for your help.

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    If you run Vista 64x or W7 64x and you mount 2x 667 MHz DDR2 modules your speed will be 1,334 Mhz Dual Channel.

  • BobBergBobBerg Member Posts: 4 New User

    I understand that, but if my RAM was clocked at 800MHz then the DDR2 modules would produce 1600MHz dual channel. That is what I am after.

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