Acer a314-22 How many GB supported of ram and what is ram frequency?

Acera314-22 What is ram frequency and how many gb of ram supported?

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    In addition to the above:

    To find out the frequency etc. of the DDR4 module soldered inside your laptop, type (or paste) the following in the Command Prompt (opened as Administrator):

    wmic MemoryChip get Banklabel, Capacity, Configuredclockspeed, Devicelocator, FormFactor, Manufacturer, Serialnumber, Speed

    If you want to double your speed (frequency) buy exactly 1 x DDR4 with the capacity, frequency, voltage and CL as per the WMIC results (brand does not matter, although I recommend the same brand also).

    If you want 12 GB total RAM (maximum) get 1x 8 GB DDR4 with the same frequency etc. as what WMIC shows for the DDR4 module inside your latop. but your speed (frequency) will remain the same.

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