Problem booting from USB stick Acer Aspire 3 A315-57G how to get fresh new copy of windows on device

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Hi everyone, after I followed each step and changed everything in bios to be able to boot from usb, still shows me nothing like USB bootable device. That's why I'm asking for further instructions on how to get fresh new copy of windows on my device. I have also tried to update bios from Insyder v1.14 to v1.but the system tells me that the software is not compatible with my device...

And yes the usb stick is inside and prepared to boot. I have used the same stick 2 hours ago to set new windows to my son's laptop, so it works on other devices. Do you have any suggestion in that case?

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    Acer Support lists version 1.15 for the latest BIOS for your laptop model, if you can still boot to Windows11 download this BIOS from Acer Support not from any other site!

    • Date:2022/11/25
    • Version:1.15
    • Vendor:Acer
    • Size:5.81 MB

    Enable Secure Boot in BIOS, Windows may not install if this is not available (security), use Ctrl + S in Main to change this. Windows Boot Manager is detected by BIOS so the Boot Sector on your SSD appears to be OK, try different USB ports and make sure the USB stick is inserted before you boot to BIOS (F2). If Windows11 is working why not Use "Reset This PC" instead of USB?

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    Just in addition and some information for you, the Aspire A315-57G bios and all its updates, only works with Acer provided bios versions, you should never ever flash the bios with any other Insyder v1.0 or any other bios files from Insyder as they are NOT compatible with the Acer A315-57G laptop! The only bios files that are compatible and made for the A315-57G laptop are the Acer bios files, that is why the Insyder v1.0 does not flash the laptops bios chip, you are very lucky that the Insyder v1.0 didn’t brick your bios and made you laptop unusable.

    This laptop should operate on Win-11 OS ONLY (download the .ISO file from this link) and the best way to make a bootable Win-11 installation USB is with the Rufus system and with Rufus 3.21 softeare, as this software prepares a bootable USB drive and also downloads Win-11 .ISO file all in one process but, you can also download the .ISO installation file of Win-11 from Microsoft separately and insert it into the Rufus bootable USB process, as its quicker to prepare the Bootable Rufus and Win-11 installation USB doing it like that.

    Note: make sure that you also download onto a 2nd USB the A315-57Gs IRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) Driver Version:, as you will need this drive after you format the boot drive through the Win-11 installation process so that you can do a Clean Install of Win-11.

    After you have prepared the Rufus and Win-11 installation USB and have got the IEST driver on a 2nd USB, turn off your laptop and insert the USB and boot the laptop, as the laptop will boot to the Win-11 process and you should be able to install Win-11 and do a Clean Install. It’s a very simple process.

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    Thank you for your opinion, but how to boot windows no matters 10 or 11 when the bios don't recognize my USB sticks when i try to boot? Look at the Photosh p please

  • MasterBMasterB Member Posts: 4 New User

    The global problem is still not solved, I would like to install fresh new copy of windows but the bios still can't findbmy usb

  • MasterBMasterB Member Posts: 4 New User

    I have followed your steps, and did bootable usb with Rufus, on other devices runs, but on that Laptops shows my that issue. No matters what I'm trying to click brings me back to that screen.

  • StevenGenStevenGen ACE Posts: 6,712 Pathfinder

    You need to fix Error code: 0x0000017 as its got nothing to do with the bios, There are alllot of fixes for this error code as its got to do with memory of your laptop. e a look at this "How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Error Code 0xc0000017"

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    Why don't you try pressing alt+f10 before the Acer logo to reinstall windows?

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