Why won't Windows 10 install or open on my Acer Aspire XC-830?

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I bought this Acer Aspire XC-830 a week ago used from someone online; when I turned it on, it had an error message that windows needed to be installed and would infinitely boot into this error message. In order to stop this infinite loop of booting into the error message, I opened regedit with Shift+f10? and changed something that fixed the issue and allowed me to boot into windows 10. anyway, the issue is that windows store wouldn't open and in fact, it was not installed on the computer. I researched and did windows store reset with a cmd+r. I also did a few other things that I cannot recall before finally resetting windows with windows media creation tool or something. That first time I did a reinstall without deleting my files. The issue was not fixed so I tried another reinstall using the .iso downloaded from the windows creation tool program. This didn't for some reason. Anyway, I did a third reinstall using the settings reset option and this time I did a clean reinstall deleting all my files and using windows 10 downloaded from the cloud option. This also didn't fix the issue. I was still not able to open or even find microsoft store program. It was not installed on the computer even after those 2 reinstalls of windows. The windows os could not have been corrupted because I downloaded straight from Windows server, right? I was told by microsoft tech agents that the issue must be something to do with the computer manufacturer and they could not help me any further. So here I am hoping that you guys know how to install microsoft store because reinstalling the os does not fix the issue and neither does using troubleshooting or resetting the store.

Currently, I am running windows 11 but I would prefer to go back to windows 10 because it runs much faster. For some reason, microsoft store is installed and works fine with windows 11 currently. But i would prefer windows 10 and so would like the store to work on it. here is my serial number : DTBHFAA001xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm not sure what other info you need but just let me know. Thanks

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    It sounds like you don't have an activated Windows installed. Go into Settings and activate it. You might have to actually purchase it if the version installed is different than what shipped originally or it shipped without an OS.

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    it is activated; microsoft support agents even asked me for my product key. If it weren't then wouldn't it not allow me to upgrade to windows 11? btw i wouldn't have made two posts if i had the option to edit this post. the title is wrong as i meant to say "why won't windows store" instead i wrote windows 10

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    so it's not that it's not activated

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    Hi @bottledfones

    "Currently, I am running windows 11 but I would prefer to go back to windows 10 because it runs much faster" Wrong conclusion as W11 takes care of your drivers maintenance, updates are flawless and very fast, system is more robust, faster, with far less event errors and with much better sucurity than W10, W10 is also no longer supported in Q4 2025.😉

    Paste this command in the Command Prompt (opened as Administrator) and press enter :
    Get-AppXPackage *WindowsStore* -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}