after installing ram, Nitro AN517-51 won't power on

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I shut down my Nitro 5, took out the 8GB ram and put in two 32GB ram. Closed it up, screws back in, and now it won't turn on. I plug in the power and no light comes on to indicate it's charging. It's like battery and all power are disconnected. I didn't mess with anything else, opened, replaced ram, closed. Completely mind boggling. hat could cause this? I read an article on here saying when ram is replaced, a switch is triggered that disabled the battery, but plugging it on would still work. I can't find a switch and plugging it on doesn't work either.

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    You should disable Fast Startup in Power Plan in order to completely shut down the system otherwise there will be some charge on the DDR4s. Unplug the power adapter and DISCONNECT THE BATTERY is a must when working on modules. If you had done all that, write down the exact clock rate, voltage, CAS Latency PC4 of the original 8 GB DDR4 Module. Your SDRAM can be upgraded to 32GB MAXIMUM so you should get 2 x 16GB DDR4 with exactly the same specs. as the original DDR4 and you will have twice the speed (Dual Channel) that you had before your upgrade and 4x the RAM capacity, more than you will ever need😉.

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    Just in addition and to advise you, because if your laptop doesn’t boot and its not working after you upgraded its ram to especially its max 64GB (2x32GB) type ram, its 100% due to you fitting the wrong and incompatible new type ram to your Nitro laptop.

    The Nitro AN517-51 model at 64GB (2x32GB) capacity needs suitable ram of the following 64GB kits, its best to do a Crucial System Scan or look at your AN517-51 Crucial Scan as Crucial make their own 64GB kits for your Nitro laptop with their specs below work 100% and if you fitted other spec ram from other manufacturers then it will NOT work., it has to be CL22 type ram for DDR4-3200MHz or CL19 for DDR4-2666MHz type ram and NOT XMP overclocked ram or any other CL type ram.

    This is the 64GB *(2x 32GB) kit that is compatible RAM for your AN517-51 laptop:

    1. Crucial 64GB Kit (2 x 32GB) DDR4-3200 SODIMM - DDR4-3200MHz DDR4-3200 • CL=22 • NON-ECC • SODIMM • 260-pin • 1.2V • 2Rx8 • PC4-25600
    2. Crucial 64GB Kit (2 x 32GB) DDR4-2666 SODIMM - DDR4-2666MHz DDR4-2666 • CL=19 • NON-ECC • SODIMM • 260-pin • 1.2V • 2Rx8 • PC4-21300.

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    I went through Crucial and did the system scan to get the correct ram. I suppose I can put the old 8GB back in and see if starts back up. Thanks for the info.

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