CMOS replacement battery for a Predator Helios 300 PH317-51-787B

My laptop is nearly 6 years old and it's time to replace my battery. I am going to replace my CMOS battery as a preventative measure at the same time. I am pretty sure the replacement is a CR2032, but am not sure whether it is 2 pin or 3. Please advise.


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    Acer does not specify the RTC battery type or a part number, check the information on the old battery and replace it with the same type of battery, its a 2 pin plug red and black wires like the below caption that is from the Acer PH317-51 SG

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    Thanks for the speedy reply StevenGen. I was hoping someone had done this before so I could purchase both batteries before taking my laptop apart. From every information source on the CMOS battery it is stated it is a CR2032, but they never specify whether it is 2 or 3 pin. I have a 4 cell AC14B18K (or equivalent) being delivered next Wednesday to replace my main battery, and it looks like I did it just in time. My Predator just started intermittenly beeping tonight along with intermittent flashing of my keyboard backlight, which I was expecting as it is 6 years old. I know a CR2032 is on avg about $8.00 CDN, and it is a common CMOS battery for a lot of laptop brands. Sad to see there a few retailers trying to sell them for over $35 on Amazon. I should be able to pick one up at Best Buy or London Drugs.

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