My Acer Swift 3 don't turn on Can you help me?

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I'm writing for a problem with my notebook
Acer Swift 3
Model: SF314-41-32XF

I used the notebook without problem for 3 years (sometimes crackling audio) and in the last year i used the battery charger for the most of the time because of the battery life (about 1/1:30 hour).
I didn't turn off the notebook completly when i finished to used It, i only closed the screen for wake up It EARLY when i Need It.

This morning i used it for 1 hour without problem and, when i finished,  i close the screen and After an hour, i've opened the screen but the notebook doesnt't turn on.
I supposed the battery Is low, but the message "low battery" didn't show up (and it's so strange).
I connected the Power charger and only the the Blue led was on. When i pushed the Power button, the notebook didn't Power on.
No another led Blink or turn on.
I follow the istruction from other post and topic with similar problem, but without results.
I used the pihole button to reset, i've opened the notebook, i've disconnected the battery and i've changed the CMOS battery. The notebook didn't turn on.

If i try to push the Power button for 10 seconds with the Power charger attached the Blue led turn off and when i release the button the Blue led turn on.

Can you help me?
Sorry for my bad english
Thank you

[Edited the thread to add issue detail]

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