NITROSENSE on Nitro 5 2022 version after installing windows 10, is it possible?

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Hello everyone.
So, I'm going to buy the new Nitro 5, code AN515-58-760C with windows 11 home pre-installed. I'd like to swap the os to windows 10 since I find it more reliable and less demanding in terms of power and resources, but on the Acer website there's no windows 10 version of the application NITROSENSE for this new version of the laptop, just the windows 11 version.
So, will the windows 11 version of NITROSENSE work if I install windows 10 on my Nitro 5?
Thank you all in advance for your attention, and have a good day

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    I am afraid you have come to the wrong conclusion: W11 is everything BUT what you have stated. Please do some research online and you will find the pros of W11 and all the cons of W10. Windows11 looks a bit different and takes a few weeks maybe months to get used to, but the W11 system is far more stable (robust), faster with far less errors (Events) than W10, all your drivers are taken care of by W11 (automatically updated) and monthly system/security updates are superfast without failures on a compatible W11 PC, The security of Windows11 is also far more advanced than W10. You will have to migrate to Windows 11 after 2 years anyway as October 14, 2025 is end of support for Windows10😉

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