Acer Predator XB323QK: how can it be automatically waken up when the laptop resumes?

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The monitor is connected to the laptop via USB-C.

When the laptop resumes from sleep, the monitor remains on sleep. I have to turn it off and then on to make the display works for the laptop. This is true for both PC (Win 11) and MacBook.

What can be done to wake it automatically? Auto-sourcing is already turned on and it has the latest firmware


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    Which laptop model number are you connecting this Predator XB323QK to? As you need to connect the external monitor to the HDMI port with an appropriate HDMI cord, not USB-C cable and into the as USB-C port, as this port requires power and your monitor sucks too much power from the laptop power supply that is why the monitor does not turn on, as to wake the laptop from its Sleep Mode all you need is to open the laptop lid and the laptop should automatically turn into its Win-11 login screen and on.

  • cheefulcheeful Member Posts: 15


    It's a Dell Latitude.

    I think the USB-C from the monitor is charging the laptop, not the other way around.

    I've not used the USB C monitor before. Maybe my expectation is incorrect.

    I used to have an HDMI monitor. I have a USB-C dongle which connects to USB hub of the monitor and HDMI port of the monitor. When the laptop resumes, the monitor will resume from standby and the USB hub will function automatically.

    With a single USB-C connection, I was expecting the same. However, when the laptop resumes, the monitor won't turn on and the hub is not functional. I can possibly connect with HDMI and USB-A to USB-B for the hub but that would defeat the single cable setup (which also does charging). Separately, I have both a PC and MacBook which only has USB-C — so it's difficult to set up both.

    What should be the expected behavior? Or is there some good way to do this rather than turn the monitor off and then back on after laptop resumes?


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