How do I extend an Acer Aspire 515-55-54 screen to two 27"/32" 1440p external monitors?

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How do I extend the screen of an Acer Aspire 515-55-54 to two external 27"/32" 1440p external monitors?

This laptop just have a single HDMI port. As far as I understand HDMI splitters do not work to extend screens to multiple monitors and they just replicate the content on several monitors.

I use Linux in case that matters.

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    Since your USB ports are data only and don't natively support alternate mode video signal output, you must use an active USB-to-video signal converter. Acer users have reported the following video signal converters work on data only USB ports. Their main drawback is refresh rates are usually 30Hz or less so not suitable for most modern games

    usb-2-video signal converters

    hdmi form factor

    displayport form factor

    dock converters

    WAVLINK ‎UG69DK1 from amazon

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    Sorry, if it's not on the list that other Acer users have confirmed work for data only ports, then you'll be taking more of a chance. Since it has its own power supply, an active video signal converter is suggested although not stated as such. Amazon has a good returns policy so it's probably worth trying.

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