I have an issue connecting to the internet. Message…proxy settings can’t be detected

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can anyone assist please?


  • StevenGen
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    There are allot of guides on this problem, have a look at this guide "How to Solve the "Windows Could Not Automatically Detect Network Proxy Settings" Error" it would also help if gave us your laptop model number next time if the link that I gave you doesn’t solve your “proxy settings can’t be detected”!

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    Hi @deanhandl

    Keep your network settings as simple as possible ("bare bones", no proxy, no VPN, no sharing), once online you can add options to your needs. First “Reset Network” type this in the Search box or right click on the Internet Access icon on the notification bar.

    If that did not help set a few basic network parameters that always work:

    I copied a few of my settings, this is for WIFI using a wireless WIFI router if you use Ethernet (cable) change it accordingly.

    I only use TCP properties IPv4 leave all the other options unticked.

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    You most liikely shouldn't be using a proxy at all, unless your IT department is routing traffic through one. For home use it's never really used. Some malware will insert a proxy into your network configuration, so they can monitor everything you do on the internet. So, run a virus scan to make sure you don't have malware installed and remove any proxy settings that might be in your network configuration.

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