Blue screen of death on a Acer Nitro N-50-640-ER Gaming desktop, Could it be Hardware issues?

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I've recently gotten a new Accer nitro N-50-640-ER12 gaming desktop and on the second day of use my Desktop gave me a blue screen this shook me alittle bit as my old Desktop computer broke due to a Suspected power supply issue and I am wondering of the time being if it could be a hardware issue on my desktop computer or a Software error that might've occured that caused the blue screen.

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    What is the BSOD error code number or description, as its a bit hard to advise you what is wrong with your new N50-640, as BSODs happen due to software or hardware issues. Give us the exact BSOD error codes and then we can advise you what is wrong. The N50-640 should not have either software or hardware BSOD error codes if its setup properly and its software and drivers updated properly. Install the

    Make sure that all windows updates are up to date, make sure all Nvidia drivers are up to date and install Intel® Driver & Support Assistant and do the Intel scan with this software to make sure that all is up to date, afterwards and when your desktop is functioning 100% without a BSOD crash, update to the “latest 2022/06/14 - Version R01-B0 - titled Enhance system stability bios” but be WARNED and ONLY do this when your desktop is 100% stable for at least a week and does not crash into any BSODs, as and if you don’t and you update the bios and you get a BSOD mid-way through a bios update you will brick your desktop bios chip that will need to be reprogramed or changed which is a costly fix and can only be done by a specialist technician that has these tools and knows what he is doing.

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