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I can't register my notebook. When registering, the system pretends the serial number is already registered.

I bought the notebook on Amazon, February 2023.


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    Hi @ArbreOVert,

    I am very sorry to hear this, unfortunately, the Acer Community is not a direct portal to Customer service, the Acer Forum Discussions were designed as a peer to peer support community where Acer users help other Acer users. Many Acer employees (Moderators), read the various topics posted here and you will notice that some Acer employees interact with members when appropriate, primarily we want the community to be a place where members can exchange their own advice and ideas.

    Only your local support services can help you with this, the community is not an escalation channel, unfortunately.

    Please contact your local Acer support Select Your Location and Language |

    Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused you,



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