My Acer Aspire 5 A515-56, power key sometime didn't working.

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My acer aspire 5 A515-56, when I press the power key this laptop will not start and the power light on the side will open for some seconds then off. I need to repeat press power key for 3 to 5 times to open my laptop. What's wrong?

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  • Emma_
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    Try to do power drain,

    1. Turn OFF the unit.
    2. Unplug the charger. 
    3. At the bottom there will be a tiny pin hole with battery sign close to it take a pin or paper clip and insert into it hold that button for 20-30 seconds. Then turn ON the unit and check.​



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    That by itself is not likely to help, since it's not the full procedure for a battery reset. That just does the same thing as a long press of the power button. Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds or longer with everything disconnected, including power, then wait a while (long enough to have a cup of coffee is a good measure) and plug only the power back in. Wait for the battery status indicator to turn blue, showing a full charge, then and only then try turning it back on. If your symptoms are caused by a confused battery then they should be better.

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    Hi @Aashdl

    If the suggestions above don't help, open the back of your laptop and disconnect the battery ribbon cable from the mother board. Then put back the back cover (without screws) and plug in the power adapter to see if your laptop starts normally without a battery. If this helps, connect back the battery and run a Battery Report by typing the following command in Command Prompt (opened as Administrator):

    powercfg /batteryreport /output %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\battery_report.html

    Open the file "battery_report.html" on your desktop (double click) and see if the fully charged capacity over the last 3 days is dropping far below the Designed Capacity. If the fully charge capacity is rapidly degrading you need a new battery ($45).