AN515-57 screen flickering- At first it started to blink. Screen go black for a second.

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I have had this problem twice before now.
The first time I had it taken to the Acer shop under
warranty repair.
I puchased the extended warranty before it happened again.

At first it started to blink. Screen go black for a second.

The a minute and I had to do a restart on it.

Now today it flickers.
I have epilepsy so this is bad!

I have power dumped (turn off laptop, unplug all devices,
unplug power supply, hold power button for 20 seconds,
and restart the laptop)

So far its ok but because this has happened before, I need
to know what I should do.

Thank you very much!

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  • LunaNova14LunaNova14 Member, Ally Posts: 44



    We need to determine whether it is a hardware or software issue..   Turn off the computer.   Tap f2 while turning on the computer.   It will go to bios.    Please stay on the bios screen for 30 mins.    If the display is looking good on bios then it is a software issue.   If the display is not looking good on the bios screen then it is a hardware issue.

    If it is a software issue try the following the steps..

    Try windows x

    go to device manager

    expand display adapter

    right click on display driver - uninstall

    Restart the computer

    It should work fine..If it is still not working

    Uninstall the display adapter from device manager

    Don’t restart the computer.

    Go to support.acer.comchose your country

    type snid or chose your model

    go to drivers

    Install the display driver It should work fine..



  • KalenaKalena Member Posts: 5 New User

    Which Display adapter do i uninstall?

  • vdelcastillovdelcastillo Member Posts: 4 New User


    I'm having exactly the same isue.

    Allready did the recomended proedure tu solve the issue but still the same. I´m goig to do the Bios test so i can be certain this is not a hardware problem.

  • LunaNova14LunaNova14 Member, Ally Posts: 44

    If it is happening only on chrome  please try to do a chrome reset 

    open chromeclick on three dots on top right corner click on settings Scroll down - go to advanced -  click on reset and cleanup click on restore setting to default you will see reset settings - cancel click on reset settings Open chrome 

    It will work fine 

  • KalenaKalena Member Posts: 5 New User

    Let me guess. After you are on it for a while, it starts to bug out, then you restart it and its ok?

  • KalenaKalena Member Posts: 5 New User

    Ok, so far ive uninstalled and reinstalled the Nvidia graphics.
    I wasn't sure so I did that one.

  • KalenaKalena Member Posts: 5 New User

    Ok, I just uninstalled and reinstalled Intel® UHD Graphics.

    I guess now its just a waiting game for it to glitch again. If it does. Which I pray it doesnt.

  • kinanhawrikinanhawri Member Posts: 2 New User

    thats happend to me when i upgraded the intel driver to the last version
    just downgrade the intel driver

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