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I have an old Aspire t-135 and need to upgrade my Graphics card Any suggestions what would work?

ftolar59ftolar59 Member Posts: 3

   I think my subject line sums up what I'm looking for.  The built in video has become a barrier to running a lot of newer things.  I would like to put in a new card with more video muscle.  But this computer is fairly old so there's a lot of info but not much that I would take without much salt. ;-)  


  I figured an Acer support forum might be the best place to get info on what might work best.


Thanks in advance!

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  • ftolar59ftolar59 Member Posts: 3

    I also would like to upgrade this dinosaur.  I just bought a DVD Player that had a major snit on start because my original graphics card is so old and useless.  But I have a strong feeling the tech support boys rarely look at these questions.  Hopefully they'll prove me wrong. ;-)

  • finluxfinlux ACE Posts: 1,834 Pathfinder

    Hi ftolar59


    You should be able to upgrade your graphics card, but almost certainly will need to upgrade your power supply too.


    Because of the age of your T135, we need to see which type(s) of PCI slots your mobo has:


    PCI slot types.jpg


    Once you've ascertained the correct slot, Google the Slot+graphics card and see what is available (eg: PCI-Express Graphics cards). Most mid-range cards will usually need a power supply of 400-500 watts minimum. Once you've found the card you like, check to see the power consumption of it. You can then order a new power supply to suit.


    You'll also need to check that the card you like still supports XP too...

  • ftolar59ftolar59 Member Posts: 3

    I had a look inside and it has an AGP slot.  I found what seems to be a suitable card. The electrical requirements were under the upper limits of the existing power supply but I decided to err on the side of caution an get another power supply too.

    I should have both delivered in a week or so.


    I'll let you know how it turns out...


    Many thanks for your info!!

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