Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-572 unresponsive.

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I have a predator laptop(details below), it was working fine till yesterday but today it was completely dead. It isn't turning on and on plugging in the charging lights are not blinking. I tried all the 'hacks' available online but nothing worked. So, I went to a local shop for assistance and the guy told me that the GPU chip was short.

He told me he could give it a try to repair but it would cost extra and it is not guaranteed that the laptop will work or he'll bring another motherboard which is again costing too much.

What can I do about it. The laptop is fairly old by now and I don't want to invest a large amount on it. Can it be repaired cheaply or be repaired at all in first place.

Laptop Details:

Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-572(2018 model)

8 G.B+8 G.B RAM

i7-7th generation

4 G.B Nvidia Graphic Card (GTX 1050ti)

128 G.B SSD + 1 T.B HDD

Windows 10

Battery was changed to a local company 6 months ago. (if that is the reason for the short)


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    The only way you can revive the faulty gpu (if it can be revived and its contacts regenerated?) as what probably happened to your gpu is that your gpu was overheating for a long time or just wear and tear, and the gou's pins have dried and deteriorated and have dislodged from its mobo contacts and its causing the gpu to not work or the gpu is burned out?

    What allot of experienced techs try to do (don't attempt this yourself) is they first flood the underneath of the gpu chip with AMTECH NC liquid flux and then the gpu chip is heated with a heat gun at 500c and its solder balls refloated slightly so that they regenerate and make contact. This usually revives the gpu chip and makes it work, its not a 100% fix as the gpu could work for 1 week 1 year or forvever or break down 1 day later?

    The best solution for your problem is to buy a new G3-572 mobo with the i7-xxxxxx cpu and two different gpu's that this laptop comes with, this is what is listed on the G3-572 Acer SG and the mobo details are:

    1. Mainboard G3-572 Intel Nvidia N17P-G1 with GDDR5 4GB VRAM LF Intel Core i7-7700HQ + Nvidia GTX 1050T – Acer part#: NB.Q2B11.003
    2. Mainboard G3-572 Intel Nvidia N17E-G1 with GDDR5 6GB VRAM LF Intel Core i7-7700HQ + Nvidia GTX 1060 – Acer part#: NB.Q2B11.001