My battery won't charge when I play games Predator PH315-52

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Hi guys, as you see I've run into a problem.

The problem is quite new, happend a couple days ago. When I play games my battery won't charge and it stays at arount 95%-96%. I play at normal gpu speeds. My battery drains when I use cool boost (I thought my frames were dropping because of high gpu temps.)

I've done a battery report and my capacity has dropped quite a lot, it dropped from 59.469 mWh to 40.949 mWh.

Now I don't know how my laptop works and how the hardware gets power, so I hope to find that out here.

Is my battery the problem or is my charger the problem? Should I buy a new charger or should I switch the battery?

I have never dropped my laptop and I've arleady checked the charger port, nothing is crooked or broken in it.


  • JackE
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    This is normal under heavy gaming loads when the battery must help the charger meet the CPU & GPU power demands. During those time, the battery discharges. The battery will keep on discharging if the loads are high until it drops to a little lower than the 50% level. Then charging the battery takes precedent over CPU & GPU power demands. Then throttling will start to appear. Time to stop gaming and allow the battery to charge back up to full charge. Then you can start the gaming cycle again till the battery once again drains below 50%.

    As for the capacity drop, Li ion batteries typically lose between 10-20% of their design capacity per year from the battery manufacturing date even if sitting on the shelf doing nothing. So a 30% drop isn't that unusual even for a relatively newly manufactured laptop with a battery that's probably already a year or more old.

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