PH315-53-72M7 laptop crashed no battery no charge

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disappointed as the laptop crashed while using normally. The laptop was on charge as the battery was low, all of the sudden without any error the laptop shutts off and charging light disappeared from display panel. Upon checking with the authorized acer dealer they advised need to replace the MB as it is burned caused by “over charging”

I haven't even used it heavely nor do i have any game installed just trying to understand what went wrong?

First 2 pictures were sent by the service center.

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    Laptop damaged due to “Over-charging”? This is nonsense excuse from their side. Laptops are designed with overcharge protection. Many people keep their laptop plugged in all the time. This should never damage your laptop nor burn the motherboard. The only damage you do by keeping your laptop plugged in all the time is shorten the lifespan of your battery. That too, you would have to keep your laptop plugged in for months and years. In my 15+ years of using laptops & computers never have I seen any device getting its motherboard burned by overcharging.

    My current laptop Helios 300 I keep it plugged in most of the times. As a result my remaining battery health is 80%. My old laptop XPS 15 from 2011 doesn't have battery anymore. Battery died out long ago so I removed it. Still runs directly with the charger.

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    Ok then register a complain. Try it out. Incase it doesn't go well, your laptop is 2020 model right? And they are asking 6641 for it? That's more than your buying price of 6300. That's absurd! I have no idea about laptop prices in your country but I think that for 6641 you'll get better specd laptops right now than your 2020 model. No point in paying that amount for repair.

    Incase you are worried about losing data from your old laptop. You can always buy an eclosure for your NVMe/SATA SSD(from old laptop) and connect it to your new laptop to retrieve your data.

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