EC bios bin file for LA-4854P (emachines E727)

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hello admin, acer team and users;

I have emachines e727 which is not turning on and the chip has to be replaced, but i need the EC bios file to program it and replace the non working chip. so anyone know any type solution is very helpful. and please donot give me advice to buy a new laptop if you are really generous you can send me one (old/new but working).

kindly help me to get ec bin file for emachines e727 (LA-4854P) motherboard..


  • StevenGen
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    What is the exact SNID number of your laptop as E727 or LA-4854P doesn’t relate together, the LA-4854P relates to the Acer Aspire 5732 5732Z 5732G LA-4854P laptop models and below is its motherboard? Acer has stopped supporting this old laptop with bios drivers so you will have to get the bios from the web,

    See here at this linkAspire 5732 (la-4854p) and get the bios files from there or look here at Acer Aspire 5732Z. Or look on the web for a new bios chip for the Aspire 5732 or 5732Z or 5732G and the exact model that you have, as the Acer E727 laptops are model numbered E727-452G32MN or similar.

    Aspire 5732, 5732Z motherboard

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    Hello @StevenGen thanks for the response. the image is exactly similar with my laptop and the model number is PAWF5. and it is emachines E727 laptop with motherboard shows (NAWF3 LA-4854P). kindly tell me can i program ic using bios bin file.