X32FP HDR Issue- I've been having issues with HDR. Specifically, HDR is very dark.

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I recently purchased an X32FP and I've been having issues with HDR. Specifically HDR is very dark, more so than other HDR monitors I've used. Peak brightness is great in HDR, but regular scenes are too dark and the desktop is very dark. I've compared this with two other HDR monitors and the same scenes are darker on the X32FP even though the others were only HDR600 certified.

I've read about others with this issue. It isn't unusable, but it seems like the HDR brightness is not following the intended brightness in the content (maybe EOTF tracking is inaccurate).. The screen, even bright areas, also noticeably darkens when local dimming is enabled. Has anyone else run into this or found a solution?

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