just finished Bright infinite memory in 3D ultra awesome.

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It's a brief yet fantastic experience all around! takes about 4-5 hours to finish. Given that this was essentially a one-man effort, I'd say it's a very well-made tiny game that merits all the accolades.

+ Your armament is limited to 4 guns and one sword. However, every pistol has two modes, and your sword had a lot of skills. You also have a mechanical left arm that essentially gives you Nero's devil arm plus Control's melee attack. Other skills that can be unlocked are enjoyable.

+ I must admit that the level design is rather good, something I didn't expect to say. The stealth mission is actually superior to the majority of stealth missions I've lately played in other games. The pictures are obviously very, very impressive, especially when RTX and DLSS are used.

- The voice acting, narrative, and characters are all very terrible. But hey, you're in the correct place if you came for the graphics and gameplay!

(this review was found on steam, I agree with it and copied it. Obviously, the FPS will be affected due to 3d )


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    >>>Obviously, the FPS will be affected due to 3d>>>

    How much?

    Jack E/NJ

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    I just added that comment due to the high frame rate I would usually want in normal mode. I personally used the resolution 2560x1440 and did not feel any slowdown with this game. I use gfx 3070. It was too fast for my liking at times. Remember, the max frame rate for the monitor is 60fps. Adorable game in 3D, and it shows this monitor's power.