I have multiple questions, please help

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Question 1. What is the sd reader for? I tried to insert a video and photo card and it did nothing.

question 2. with windows 11 there is no way to make it work? It also appears to me that it is in the correct resolution.

doubt 3 the intensity in real 3d cannot be modified, right?

Doubt 4 do you know when the ultra update comes out and what is it really for with your words?

question 5 has anyone tried with the steamdeck if it works?

Doubt 6 the video player asks me to install a codec to be able to play and that with vlc I don't need it, do you know what they are?

Doubt 7. Has this happened to anyone else in the game Forza Horizon 5? Is there a square part of the screen that doesn't work well in 3D? changed some settings but still the same.

Doubt 8, where can I download more 3D figures in addition to the ones that give you examples to see?

Question 9 when a 2d video goes to 3d, a yellow band appears bordering the screen. It is normal? can be removed?

Doubt 9, any 3D image viewer that you recommend? it is .mpo format.

Greetings and thank you

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    Use File Explorer to see what's on an SD card.

    If it seems like the correct resolution, then Win11 is working OK.

    Intensity or brightness can be increased or decreased by pressing the FN key along with the brightness up and down keys in the top row of the keyboard with sunray icons

    Updates shouldn't be applied if machine seems to be working properly

    Sure steam deck works if your meets minimum hardware requirements. Hard to tell if your's meets the requirements since you haven't revealed what machine you have

    A codec is a code-decode hardware software package needed to run a video or sound file.

    Your viewing position and angle can make big differences in 3D projections

    Google search the keywords '3D images & download' for more examples

    Games primarily meant for 2D viewing might not project properly in 3D or if a 3D game upgrade purchase isn't made

    nvidia probably has the best 3D viewers

    Jack E/NJ