TrueGame - Frequently Asked Questions: General

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1. What are the system requirements for running TrueGame? 

Please see the official system requirements in the product page at:

2. What operating system does TrueGame Support? 

We recommend Windows 11. 

3. What CPU does TrueGame Support? 

We are not locked on any specific platform. We recommend Intel 10th generation or newer.

4. What GPUs does TrueGame support? 

TrueGame is tested and optimized for Nvidia GPUs. 

5. Which stores/platforms does TrueGame support? 

TrueGame supports the 4 major gaming platforms (Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Xbox/Microsoft Store, GOG). Games may have different configurations for different stores. Support therefore depends on 3D compatibility and not every game is supported in all four stores. 

6. What games do TrueGame supports? 

Our supported games are growing constantly. Please refer to for the latest supported games. 

7. Can I play a game not listed in TrueGame in 3D? 

No, TrueGame offers a curated selection of games which have been tested and optimized for 3D. New titles will be released each month based on availability and user feedback. 

8. How do I update TrueGame or ensure it’s up to date? 

Simply launch TrueGame and it will be automatically updated to the latest app version. 

9. Where should I go for additional help? 

The peer-to-peer TrueGame forums is always the best place to go. Feel free post your question and ask for help

10. Is TrueGame safe? Will TrueGame conflict with my original game installation? Can I still play my game without TrueGame? 

TrueGame is perfectly safe. It does not have impact to the original game installation. You can always play the game without TrueGame. 

11. I am a game developer. How can I make my game to work in TrueGame? 

Great! You can reach us at our developer site at:

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