TERRIBLE Acer Italy: new pc crushed with BSOD, sent to Acer Italy, sent me back worse than before

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I have to tell you this fact, asking for help. I have bought my new pc (SNID XXXXX) on Amazon but It crushed with BSOD just surfing the web or normally doing my job, using Office. I have phone to the Acer Care Italy Service, past several days trying to fix it, than I have sent the laptop to Acer Care in Milan. After twenty days, I have received the notebook without an explanation, just a note in the box reporting that the mainboard (motherboard) has been replaced. Anyway, I can't use the notebook because it is too much slow (ten minutes to start, too slow to use internet properly, can't oper two windows together because could block) the battery doesn't work and can't be charged (before to sent the laptop to Acer Care Italy , the battery was ok).

I would ask what I can do, I have e.mailed the service and the Legal Department for a refound, because I can't trust anymore in Acer, but how I could contact someone by the phone, to have a fast reply? Thanks to all.

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    That is definitely not satisfactory, don't touch the laptop as Acer needs to fix the problem 100% in their workshop. You have no other options but to get Acer to fix this laptop while under warranty, as if you open it you could lose the warranty.

    There are many things that you can do but you are restricted as you can't open and do a hard reset of the laptop and you don't know if the fitted motherboard is faulty or not installed 100%, so send it back to Acer. Good luck and hope you solve your problem.

  • JacopoFJacopoF Member Posts: 2 New User

    Many thanks Steven, it's a nightmare. I have just spent half an hour talking with Acer Care Italy, because I have to package the laptop but I am not sure about the correct way to do this. I have asked for suggests, but they have answered that I should use the package that Acer has send and the protections. I have fixed that, but it doesn't work... this is the second time I have to send the notebook. Really stressing, considering they have explained that the packaging is only my responsability.

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