Acer nitro 5 thinking about upgrading RAM and SSD recommendation.

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Hi! i've been thinking about upgrading my laptop's RAM and SSD but i dont know much about them so im asking for recommendation's!

My laptop is a Acer nitro 5 (i dont know the exact model) and the size of RAM im looking for is 16 and the SSD size im looking is 1 TB, I kinda want the SSD to have a good reading and writing speed aswell so yeah that's about it, Can you guy's recommend me something?

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    The Nitro 5s model numbers are on a sticker on the back of the laptop, look at that as its a bit hard to give you accurate advice for RAM and SSD drives if you don't tell us this info but, the last 3 years Nitro 5 laptops generally have max 64GB RAM into their 2x ram slots and 2x M.2 SSDs. Usually the modern laptops RAM specs is of DDR4-3200MHz CL22 and M.2 SSD drives of PCIe 3 x4.

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    Remaking this because i forgor to put my Acer nitro 5 model 💀

    Anyways yeah im looking for an SSD with the size of 1 tb and RAM with 16 gb, i need the SSD to have both writing and reading speed high, i don't know much about RAM so that's why im asking which brand or specifications of the RAM and SSD to buy, Thanks!

    The model is AN515-58-91T4

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    The AN515-58 can have a max total of 64GB into its 2x ram slots at DDR4-3200MHz CL22 only type standard ram, best is to install CPUz and see the exact specs of your existing ram and match that as the AN515-58 comes standard with 1x 8GB DDR4-3200MHz ram module, so add another of the same 1x8GB type ram to give you 16GB total of Dual Channel ram. 

    The AN515-58 laptop has provisions for 2x M.2 SSD PCIe 4 x4 drives and 1x 2.5” SATA-3 6GB/sec type drive, this laptop only comes standard from Acer with a 512GB 1x M.2 PCIe 4x4 SSD drive and the extra 1x M.2 PCIe 4x4 and the 2.5”SATA-3 6GB/s drives have to be added by the user as optional extras.

    Best M.2 PCIe4 x4 drives are from either Western Digital SN850X Black or from Samsung 990 Pro (this is an academic debate as they are very close) but these two M.2 SSDs are right up at the top, then you have other M.2s like the or the Seagate FireCuda 530, Corsair MP600 NVMe Gen4, Crucial P3 Plus Sabrent Rocket NVMe PCIe 4.0 that follows.  Good luck and hope this helps you out.

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    Quick question is it alright to put 1 tb SSD with a 512 one?, other than that thid helped alot thanks!

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