Nitro N50-600 I am looking to Upgrading Ram

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Hello! I am looking to upgrade the ram on my nitro n50-600, intel core i5-9400F - either to 16GB or to 32GB, I've done some research and have some questions:

  1. I have found compatible using Crucial and from what i've read would need DDR4-2666 - have you used crucial and how reliable would you say it is?
  2. When installing new ram, do i need to remove and replace my old one completely or can I slot them in along side? For example if i bought 1x 8GB ram to bring it to 16GB
  3. Related to last question, is there a certain order or pattern to insert the ram?
  4. Considering 32GB - are there any known drawnbacks to this, such as performance or heat issues?
  5. how simple have you found installation?

Any help and advice would truly be appreciated :)

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  • StevenGenStevenGen ACE Posts: 6,199 Pathfinder
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    The Nitro N50-600 desktop can have a max total of 64GB ram into its 2x ram slots, its best to upgrade this desktop with DDR4-3200MHz CL22 none XMP overclocked type ram as it’s the quickest and most compatible ram for your desktop. This will also make the desktops memory perform in Dual Channel which is allot quicker and btter than Single Channel ram that you have. The installation process is very simple and quick.

    Crucial make good ram and compatible ram (they guarantee their scans and ram to work with your desktop) the best and most compatible Crucial ram kit for your N50-600 is the Crucial 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200 UDIMM - DDR4-3200 • CL=22 • NON-ECC • UDIMM • 288-pin • 1.2V • 2Rx8/1Rx8 • PC4-25600 type ram at $65.44 for the kit, make sure that you only fit CL22 type ram as anything else will not work.

    With just adding 1x 8GB new ram module to add to your Acer fitted 1x 8GB existing ram, for the 2nd ram module you need to match the new 1x 8GB module specs exactly, its best to get the same specs and manufacturer, install CPUz software look in this software's SPD section for the ram that you have fitted by Acer and match this rams exact manufacturer and part number and look in Memory sections for the CAS# Latency number which should be CL22 so that you match the two modules exactly with either the same manufacturer and part number or from a different manufacturer and part number, but they have to be the same speed ram as putting a higher speed or a lower speed ram your desktop will always work to the lowest speed spec ram of the 2x modules of ram that you have installed.

  • Doodle23Doodle23 Member Posts: 3 New User

    Thank you for your helpful advice! There is one question still playing on my mind, my processor does not support overclocking so wouldn't this mean DDR4-3200 would still only run at the 2666 supported? Unless I have misunderstood something...

  • StevenGenStevenGen ACE Posts: 6,199 Pathfinder

    The ram I've given you is from Crucial recommended ram upgrade page for your desktop, and Crucial guarantee their scans and recommendations. Yes your cpu the i5-9400F is quoted at DDR4-2666MHz by Intel but Crucial are a ram manufacturer and if they say that your mobo and bios work at that speed in dual channel it must be right, if it dosent then send the ram back, that is why you should buy it from Crucial.

  • Doodle23Doodle23 Member Posts: 3 New User
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    Ah ok, that gives me some reassurance. Thank you again!

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