CP311-2H brief stinging shocks when charger plugged in and I touch track-pad and adjacent metal

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When my Chromebook charger is plugged into the outlet, it gives me very brief but stinging shocks if I happen to I touch the track-pad and the surrounding metal simultaneously. The shock is delivered by the adjacent metal.

I've checked the three-prong outlet using a circuit tester. I put the red wire prong into the smaller slot and the black wire prong into the larger slot and it lights up. Move the black wire prong to the middle grounding hole and it lights up. Move the black wire prong to the decorative metal escutcheon plate and it lights up. I don't know if the wires inside the wall are properly connected but the tester's behavior indicates a proper ground, if I understand correctly.

What further steps can I take to troubleshoot and fix this?

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    When you say 'surrounding metal' what do you mean? Can you take a picture with it shown? IIRC your Chromebook has plastic case halves that are colored silver, not actual metal cases. The charger is a USB-C type and the port on the right side is connected to the MB via a daughterboard and ribbon cable, the port on the left side is soldered to the MB. Do both ports act the same? The touchpad is connected to the MB via a small ribbon cable. There should be almost nothing in the way of current going to the touchpad, just signal level electricity.

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    Whatever that metal-looking material is that abuts the trackpad. Same color as the trackpad. The heel of my hands rests on it. Is it capable of static discharge?

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    Just some additional info of what could be the problem, as you can see from the captions below, the CP311-H2s power port is connected straight to the mobo and the trackpad connects separately to the mobo as highlighted below, the problem that you might have is with the charger itself, as the charger transformers negative pins are lose and not grounded properly and the positive charge is coming through your laptop, either replace the charger adaptor or open the charger and check the wires connecting to the transformer (see caption below) be careful and only do this after 1hours and after unplugging the charger from the mains power, as charger transformers do store allot of voltage and an inexperienced user can get electrocuted if these internal wires are touched.

    Typical laptop charger internal components

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