Acer CP311-3H show blue light as if on, but screen stays black

alannycsalannycs Member Posts: 1 New User

I saw someone had the similar problem with their CP311-1H model but they noted that the difference in model was important to fixing the problem.

Basically, my computer screen is black, as in not turning on. It doesn’t show the acer symbol, it doesn’t turn a slight gray black to indicate that it’s turning on. The power button side shows a blue light when it’s connected to the charger but when I take the charger out it’s just black. When it’s not connected to power and I press escape + reset + power, it flashes blue for like half a second before returning to black. When it’s connected to power and I do the same it turns black for half a second before returning back to blue.

Before the light was blue, it was amber and stayed amber until about 30 minutes of being connected to the charger.

Is there a way to fix it?

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