Nitro I5 Why can't I get 144fps while gaming?

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I have the Nitro I5 GTX 1650 and whenever I load up a game I only get 30-60fps

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  • StevenGenStevenGen ACE Posts: 6,199 Pathfinder
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    IInstall the latest GTX-1650 NVidia driver version 528.24 and make sure that you use this new drivers Custom Install option of "Perform Clean Installation" option to uninstall the previous NVidia drivers off your system, then install GeForce Experience software and run your game on the NVidia ultimate settings for this game (if its included in the many games that NVidia has) and also in NVidia Control Panel go to Program Settings and set this game that you have to the High NVIDIA processor for that game.

    Also make sure that you have all your windows updates done and the Intel drivers up to date, install the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant and do a scan of your system to achieve that, as all the combination of the above will make your game perform to the best that your laptop and the GTX-1650 was designed for, as that is where your problems are.

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