Why is it so hard to get decent customer service for just a shipping label

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So our chromebook is under warranty and I made a repair ticket and when they sent the generic email regarding the repairs, I was told by a member of tech support that the link to the FedEx packaging should be in that email. Well I checked and it had nothing so she said she would send me one via email and I waited and waited on the phone but I'm sure she never sent it even though she said she did. So I asked her if she could try again to resend it and then she said she put a request in for it and it would take 1 business day. Well I heard online that, that never happens they will never send the shipping label you would have to call multiple times and find someone who will send it to you. I just want to send my laptop in for repairs since we paid for the warranty. Anyone else still have this issue with customer service? I'm still nice on the phone to them. I just want some help. I even called again the next day and talked to another lady and said this time the shipping label isn't covered but she send a request (again) which I know I will never get it.

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    Which locale are you in? It often does take a little time to generate and send a label, but more likely would be that it got caught in your spam filter...

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    I'm in IL.. When I was on the phone call with that lady the 1st time I kept refreshing and refreshing my inbox and checking my spam folder cause that's what I thought too but it never arrived in the time. And then I called today and another women said she resent it but I made me believe she actually didn't send the request. And it's funny cause today I talked to 2 more people and one girl refused to let me speak to a supervisor or a manager of some sort and then I called back and talked to someone else and explained the situation and they transferred me over to an Elite Tech Supervisor and he then sent it the "sure I can directly send you the label" and within 10-15 mins (like he said it would take that long) it appeared in my inbox. Unfortunately the shipping from label was wrong it didn't have my correct address on their but I just corrected it with a pen. But it took me over 6 phone calls with Acer to find someone willing to help a customer which is upsetting. i'm glad I got ahold of a supervisor though so that was great.

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    Yeah, that doesn't sound right... They should be doing better even at the first level of support. :(

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  • Acer-IngridAcer-Ingrid Acer Crew, Knowledge Author Posts: 2,772 Acer Crew

    Hello DGSKim,

    We are sorry to hear that you had a hard time getting a shipping label. This is not a best practice for our support channels. If you still having issues, feel free to send me a private message with your name, contact information and unit Serial Number, although the Acer Community isn't a direct support channel, but a peer to peer community. I will be happy to escalate to the correct department.

    I am also passing your feedback along in order to improve our customer experience.

    Best Regards,


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