Swift 3 SF314-512 was at 50+% charge and now won't turn on

CorJediCorJedi Member Posts: 1 New User

Heres the situation. I have a SF314-512-52MZ model. I was in class and was having an issue updating, the updates couldn't download but they weren't in the process of downloading, I turned my laptop off before leaving the classroom. I got back to my dorm and tried to turn my laptop back on in order to try and get the updates to download, however it won't turn on now. I've tried the pinhole trick. Whenever I plug in the charger, the orange light blinks every once in awhile. I try to turn the laptop on, the blue light come on, the backlight comes on for a few seconds and then nothing. The laptop was over 50% charge when I turned it off. I need help since I've got classes tomorrow and I need my laptop.

[Edited the thread to add model name to the title]

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