Accessing USB on Acer computer I am unable to use my Word documents which are located on a USB

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I am unable to use my Word documents which are located on a USB. It works on an older HP computer and my husband’s computer but not on my Acer laptop . When I insert the USB it is scanned and I am told everything is okay, but I can’t access the files.

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  • StevenGenStevenGen ACE Posts: 6,200 Pathfinder

    MS Word is not a part of the standard and included Acer software on a new laptop or any laptop, Acer laptops have an option to activate Office 360 (check up on what the monthly and yearly plans are) or you can buy Office Home & Student 2021 straight out for a PC or buy older versions of Office 2013. These are you options.

  • LarryodieLarryodie Member Posts: 1,034 Valued Contributor

    There use to be a viewer but now as I read that you have to do the following. But beware that you can only view.

    Can I view Word documents without Office?

    One option is to save your word file to an online drive, such as Microsoft Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. These three services are available through your web browser. They all open word documents in the browser once you have uploaded them to the selected service.

  • LarryodieLarryodie Member Posts: 1,034 Valued Contributor

    If you have the original DVD and the user/password then you probably can install on the newer computer ?

    I had lost my MSWORKS DVD so I bought a copy on EBAY and used my passwords on my new ACER.

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    When you try to access the files, what is the error message? If it's telling you something like you need to install Word, the the other suggestions here are spot on. If it's saying it can't read the file then you might be having issues with the flash drive itself, so maybe copying the files to another flash drive will help.

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