Aspire A514-52K After upgrading to Windows 11 22h2 My headphone jack stopped working


Hello, recently my laptop updated to this version of windows which is kind of nice.

Now the sound configuration properly shows my TV and computer both at the same time on the options, nice.

Just a catch, I always use headphones, and now nothing happens when I plug them in. I went to the Acer website to find updated realket audio drivers, however, they are all for windows 10, not 11 :(

What can I do?


  • billsey
    billsey ACE Posts: 32,241 Trailblazer
    edited February 2023

    If the Realtek Audio Console isn't installed, just install the W10 version. It should have been still there after the upgrade though... The reason I see for not having W11 drivers is your machine isn't compatible with W11. You need to have an 8th gen or newer chipset and yours is 7th. You must have had to jump through some hoops to get it installed...

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