SP314-54N-56NU won't start, solid orange light when charger attached

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My Acer Spin3 SP314-54N-56NU won't turn on. It just stopped working one day. I used it one night then the next morning it wouldn't power on. It doesn't light up, show any activity, or make any noise when I press the power button. It shows a solid orange light when plugged in but it doesn't ever go green. I have reset the battery both using the pinhole and manually taking the battery out. I even manually reset the BIOS and nothing has changed. I have tried turning it on with the battery in and with the battery out while plugged in/charging and nothing.

I love this laptop please help


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    Your laptop has something wrong with its internal circuitries, if you did a hard reset and nothing happened, then a user like you can't do anything else and you need to take your laptop to an experienced technician in your area that can check all the power stages and charging stages of this laptop, as you have a fault in this laptops circuitries like a burned/shorted capacitors or a mosat(s) or both,.

    I would advise you to not power the laptop on as and if a capacitor has burned out you could be lucky as and if a mostat has burned out, it could affect your cpu or gpu which you may need (in a worst-case scenario) a new mobo. Take your laptop to a technician that can do micro soldering and has the proper tools to fix this laptop, Acer do not do that they test the laptop and if any components are faulty, they replace them with a new part like for instance, a faulty motherboard is replaced with a new working motherboard that is why Acer is allot more expensive than a tech that fixes individual components and replaces parts.

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    Your Spin SP314-54N has the power button physically mounted on an IO board with a ribbon cable between that board and the motherboard. It's possible the MB just isn't seeing your power button. Here's a picture showing the board and it's cable:

    If you are comfortable opening it up, take a close look at both the board and the cable. If there's some corrosion building up on the cable you can likely just reseat it a few times to get it cleaned off and things will start working again. If the cable is somehow damaged or the board itself is damaged we will want to try and determine how it was damaged and then replace as appropriate. If the board, cable and connections are OK then the problem is likely in the motherboard. :(

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