Aspire 5740G I cant seem to find any drivers on acer site or anywhere I am looking for drivers

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I am looking for drivers (windows 7 64 bit)

A series of roadcrashes

I had this model AS5740-334G32Mn from 2010 on which my wife split coffee some years back

Recently i was brave enought to try retreve it

I struggled with retrieving the data out of it, since none of the keypboards would work and the onscreen keyboard worked a bit patchily

I managed finally..then i wanted to clean the hard disk so I can donate it to charity or so

In the process MBR got corrupted and i could not get to the laptop

I managed to find a image online somewhere (since microsoft discontinued it) and used the digits on the back to register it online with the codes

Then i watched some utube videos, got a replacement keyboard for around 10$ on ebay and just replaced it

But I cant seem to find any drivers on acer site or anywhere, the visuals are clunky on reoslution and i cant seem to adjust it

Previous installation had crystal clear screen , now it is pretty bad. I guess I need some drivers(since they are lost in the lostpartition which had the information)

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    Run Windows Update several time and install the optional updates. They should end up getting you most of the needed driver. Short of that you can try some of the third party driver sites, they will often still have the old stuff archived. That's a really old system, which is why Acer no longer has drivers online for it.

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