Persistent vertical screen jump has started with CG437KP ?

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Within the last two weeks the image on my CG437KP has started to "jump", or shift the frames up slightly, every 3 seconds or so. The problem gets worse if I change the refresh rate of the monitor in which case, I get a larger shift upward and the frames overlap even more and for slightly longer periods. I have two Windows 10 PCs attached to the monitor on the DP ports - a desktop with Nvidia cards (and gsync) and an old Dell laptop with an Intel GPU. At first, I was only seeing the issue with the laptop and when I switched the refresh rate to 30hz on that it went away for a few days, so I thought it was the laptop GPU. Now it's happening persistently for both PCs and as of today, not even rebooting the PCs or powering on/off the monitor has resolved the issue for long. I have the latest drivers for both systems and I have reinstalled the drivers on both. Actually, today there was an Nvidia driver update and that also didn't fix it. The problem has gotten progressively worse in the two weeks since I first noticed it, in that its now happening for both PCs, on both the DP and the USB-C input port and it isn't resolved by rebooting, unplugging the monitor, changing the screen size or refresh rate, etc.

Does anyone have suggestions for what the issue might be? Or is it the hardware and I need a support ticket?


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    Typically artifacts like that are caused either by a video cable issue or by electrical interference with the cable. Try resetting it at both ends and perhaps rerouting it away from any power connections. Also try a different cable...

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    Thanks for the suggestions @billsey. However, just this morning I placed a smaller 4k monitor directly in front of the Predator on my desk, because I couldn't work with the Predator screen jumping and getting worse over time (more overlap of the out of sync frames). The DP connection from the laptop to the smaller 4k monitor has had no problems at all and I'm using the same 4k USB-C-to-DP cable that's following the same path from the laptop across the desk and under the Predator to the smaller monitor. I still have the desktop PC connected to the Predator, so that I can try other suggestions as they come in.