Aspire 5 A515-45 the keycaps are falling off.

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I have a lightly used laptop and for some reason the keycaps are falling off. The 1st came off the day I unpacked it! I have short nails, I do not type fast, I cannot understand what the issue is and why this keeps happening? I tried to speak to Acer today and instead of talking to me they just insisted I send it back for repair. As I am popping a key almost weekly I just cannot return the laptop each time this happens. I am mechanically minded and am in a trade that deals with small parts and they are not broken as I have inspected the keys and retaining clips in my works magnifying equipment. My last Acer I had years and years and never had a keycap come off. Its mainly Enter, Caps Locks and the odd letter.

Some go back easily. Some I have to take the clips off and reseat all 3 pieces. I would like to know why they are coming off? Are others having this issue? Can I send the keyboard back as unfit for purpose? I have had it 5 months and use it maybe 2 hours a day. Its a right faff trying to get the things back on sometimes... This was not the cheapest laptop I could have bought and I would prefer something reliable of better quality. Has anyone had any success in asking Acer to take the laptop back for a full refund? Thank you

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    I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

    I would like to provide a temporary solution. Kindly use a external usb keyboard. Connect the external usb keyboard or wireless keyboard and use it.

    Kindly go through the details from the link given below

    If your laptop is in warranty you can contact the warranty dept.   Go to the website - chose your country.  On the new page - scroll down - click on "contact support". Scroll down. You can find the phone no to contact the warranty dept. 

    If it is out of warranty, please contact local store or

    Go to the website - chose your country.  On the new page - scroll down - Click on "Repair My Acer" - Request to have your Acer product repaired.  There will be charges for repair. 

    Additional info to contact Acer Store: Please visit the website - - chose your country - click on shop.  You can buy desktop, laptop, monitor and accessories. Alternatively, on the top right corner you can find the phone no to contact Acer store.  For the parts which are not available on Acer store, you have to contact local store.

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