Acer Aspire V3-574 Laptop only charges when lid is off and it is in sleep mode.

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My laptop model is Acer Aspire V3-574. When the laptop is on and I connect the charger, it doesn't connect. Rather it keeps making this beep sound periodically. Sometimes I keep removing the charger and reconnecting it in different angles, rotate it. Then it gets connected and charges for some time. But after that the charging stops and the laptop starts making the beep sound again. However, when the lid is off and the laptop is in sleep mode, the charger connects and charges the laptop without any problem. How can I solve this problem?

I should mention that I changed the battery in the later part of 2021. Battery wear level shows 15%.

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    The obvious answer I can think of is the PSU doesn’t supply enough current for charging while under use, meaning it supplies just enough to run the laptop without discharging the battery.

    As an aside, if it will charge in sleep mode, it will charge in any state, other than while running as you’ve stated.

    If possible, try a correctly matching PSU (voltage, polarity and connector) with one of a higher current output. This will put your question to sleep. 😉 If the situation remains the same, then the charging circuit on the motherboard would be suspect.

    As you have changed battery, please verify that battery specs exactly matches to the battery which was already inside the laptop. If the new battery Amps or Wattage is different, the adapter could not provide properly current to charge.

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