Acer Predator Z271U Monitor with Progressive Screen Flickering Starting Shortly After Purchase

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I purchased my Z271U in March of 2019 with 3 year warranty. Screen flickering about the height of the windows task bar began about 6 months after my initial purchase of the monitor. This was mildly annoying, but still didn't impact my overall use of the monitor so I decided to suck it up and ignore it for years rather than go weeks, or possibly months, waiting for a lengthy repair process. Today, nearly 4 years after purchase, the screen flickering suddenly spread to the entire screen and the monitor is nearly unusable. I've done some reading and noticed others have had similar screen flickering issues with the Z271U and it makes me believe that the product itself is defective. I have tried just about everything there is from graphic driver updates, new cables, different refresh rates and resolutions, etc. The flickering still persists when the PC is off and the monitor remains on. Due to other user experiences and nothing else resolving the issue, I'm confident that the issue is with the monitor hardware itself. It is disappointing that this problem started when the monitor was still fairly new. I'm curious as to what steps I should take and if this product is known to be defective, yet still sold to consumers. Is it worth getting the monitor repaired, does Acer know about this issue? Or am I better off just buying a new monitor and not going with Acer in the future? Thanks.


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    >>>Is it worth getting the monitor repaired.>>>

    If you Google search for flickering problems with any other brand or model, you'll probably even more hits . So it's likely not a manufacturing or design defect.

    You might want to bring it in to a local PC or LCD TV repair for an evaluation and cost estimate. Since it's been progressively getting worse, my best guess is that the LCD video cable simply needs to be re-seated at the mainboard and base of screen to help clean the contacts. You could probably do it yourself, but would require disassembly. Google search keywords 'Predator 27 curved monitor & disassembly' for videos & instructions.

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