Acer Aspire 7 A715-51G-52MV cpu throttling and thermal problem

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Hi i've bought less than a month ago an Acer Aspire 7 A715-51G-52MV. I've this issue where the cpu speed is always unstable and the temps go crazy starts at 40*C and with minimum usage, even in idle they start going up and down even till 70°. I tought i had a defective model, and i got it replaced, but even the new one has the same issue. I think the problem is in the cpu because or some power management thing because the only way i managed to get the temps and the core of the cpu stable was by disabling turbo boost with throttleStop. What can i do, i can't work with the fan on 100% speed cause it reach 70° every minute.


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    >>>I've bought less than a month agoI>>>i can't work with the fan on 100% speed cause it reach 70° every minute.>>>

    Use Acer Quick Access or SpeedFan to try to adjust fan speed. 70°C is normal temps for CPU and GPU under moderate load, Go to this link to download the latest AcerQuickAccess update to see if there are any fan settings to allow you to work better.

    Also, what throttling behavior are you referring to? Are FPS dropping? Is screen freezing? Is laptop unexpectedly shutting off? Why are you using ThrottleStop? GPU temps should be allowed to rise to 85*C with no problems. CPU temps up to 90*C with no problems either.

    Why do you think 70*C is bad? If you don't like the fan speed behavior, I suggest that you promptly return the machine to the vendor for a refund or exchange before the vendor's return merchandise authorization (RMA) period ends. Usually only a few weeks.

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    I think I have a similar issue if not the same. I have the same exact laptop. The CPU seems to be trying to limit itself to strictly work at around 60-70 degrees, not reaching the clock speeds it normally should be able to. I set the usage mode to performance from Quick Access, set Windows' power mode to Maximum Performance, etc etc.

    The shortest and simplest way I can describe it is it's forcing itself to work at lower speeds and keep the temps at 60-70. I got this laptop just 2 days ago, upgraded its ram to 16gigs @ 2666mhz but it's a shame that it's acting like this; I'm getting nearly the same performance as my old laptop which had an i5-8300H and a 1050 4G.