Ants get inside of the display my Acer XB271HU

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Hello guys,

I bought my Acer XB271HU almost 4 years ago. Recently ants get inside of the display of my XB271HU (you can check in this vídeo bellow) and left a trail of dirt (small black particles).

I was thinking if is possible and easy to disassemble the monitor and clean inside of the display. I never did it, but I like to try this things. I already try to send it to warranty but they don't cover it and the price to clean is very expensive.

You guys can help me with tips? Anyone already had this problem? Or anyone already disassembled this monitor to clean?

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    Yes, i guess it wont be covered under warranty. The only option is if know to open the monitor than you can open it up and clean it.

    Or the other option is to take it to a repair center or local tech and ask them to clean it.

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    Yes, I searched on YouTube and forums a way to disassemble and clean the monitor, but surprisingly there's no video about disassembly the XB271HU. I don't trust deliver the monitor in repair centers of my city, the quality of worklabor is very poor. 

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    If you dont see it than you can just get a help from any local tech or try online whether you can find the service guide for the unit. If you can get it than the service guide will give you instruction about how to clean it.

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    find the nearest Acer service center in your area

    else you have to take risks letting local technicians (seasoned/experienced) fix it

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    The LCD panel is a single piece from the factory. If they got in between the LCD surface and the anti-glare cover you likely won't be able to easily clean it...

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