ASPIRE C 24-1560 how to fix flickering with reduce size display?

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hello team,

I have issue in display . suddenly display flickering in normal has in warranty period, but I am not reachable, please resolve this issues.the detail of pc are below:

ASPIRE C 24-1560

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  • StevenGen
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    That looks like a resolution and brightness and monitor issue, that you haven't adjusted properly, and you got this AIOs monitor on the wrong display resolution and brightness settings. Try to adjust that first and run the AIO display on its Microsoft "recommended" display resolution and reduce the brightness firt. If that doesn't work, then update the Intel graphics driver and all windows updates as you might have an old graphics driver. It can also be the LED cable like below or the screen, so get all these things checked out and narrow the problem down one by one.

  • krishna1223
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    thank you,

    I will check that all thinks and let you know.

    I think that previous image not clear .so, I attach clear photo of screen.

  • StevenGen
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    That looks like a hardware issue like the LED cable, plugs at the screen or motherboard that could be either damaged or its pins shorted or the actual screen is damaged and needs replacing, check all these factors out, as images like you have shown are not because of software and unfortunately the hardware is the main factor especially on an old AIO or laptop.

  • krishna1223
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    what will be the step by step procedure?

  • Commodore_1995#
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    Can you check if the problem occurs when connecting an external monitor to the hdmi out?

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    If you can go through the warranty process that would be best. If for some reason you can't do the warranty repair any competent technician can replace the cable for you. If you must replace it yourself your actual model number is a C24-1650, not C24-1560. The cable that is likely causing the issue is the LVDS cable that runs between the motherboard and display. Reseating the cable at the motherboard isn't too tough of a process, though you will have to remove the stand and the lower back cover. The cable itself is bonded to the display, so not sold separately from the display, and that is a more major job, and likely much more expensive.

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