Has anyway to Silently uninstalling Norton Security Ultra

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Hi, I work for an MSP and Acer is our partner. Recently, we've noticed Norton Security Ultra coming preinstalled on TravelMates. I cannot find a way to silently uninstall it and this is an issue as we are joining these devices to Azure AD using Autopilot to assign them to users. Removing Norton manually is not an option especially when we are using White Glove to pre-provision the device so we never get to the desktop and using Intune's Fresh Start seems a waste of time for a single app. Putting aside the fact that Acer should not be bundling bloatware on their business machines, has anyone found a way to silently uninstall Norton Security Ultra? Trying to avoid having to image machines and use the recommended Microsoft method of using OOBE and Autopilot.

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    Upon researching the Norton & Symantec forum,  I don't believe Norton will uninstall silently since it's a consumer product instead of enterprise.

    Check the Norton forums for verification:

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    Two ways of handling this:

    If you work with enterprise laptops, you would be better off creating a default windows image and scrubbing and setting up every new laptop with it - standard practice of all enterprise system handlers. You would then have proper control.

    For a non enterprise system, the most you can do is run a script to set up policy editors, remove unwanted software and such. Unfortunately Norton did not provide silent uninstall option for non enterprise consumer laptops.

    Stop norton services, delete the folder from install location delete all registry entries, and any tasks - all via scripts - this should be doable although setting this up would take some time, but then, it would be a one time process.

    Personally, give that i have multiple laptops at home, I cannot use a standard image (varying models), but I use scripts that pull out all bloatware post any windows installation/upgrade.

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