Predator keyboard has 3 (or 4 or even 5) symbols on certain keys. How do I use them?

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On a normal (and perfectly fine!) keyboard you hold shift to access the second symbol and sometimes function or f11 to access the third. The keyboard that came with my Predator desktop has numerous symbols (sometimes as many as 5?!) on a single key. Perhaps this is a gaming thing? Anyway, I actually mostly use this keyboard for research and writing and could really use a way to access these other symbols. Any advice? It may be the case that I should just buy a normal keyboard and not a so-called gaming one.


  • ReaderRiley
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    I find Acer's keyboard design to be utterly incomprehensible and can find no answer to this simple question: how do I use the additional symbols on the keys beyond the second? I get that shift gives me the second symbol, but how on earth do I use the third and fourth? None of Alt, Alt Gr, either shift key, or Fn do anything and neither do various combinations thereof. I am pretty close to just buying a better designed keyboard but would like a solution. I really need access to certain often used symbols such as greater than, less than, and approximately which are widely used and really shouldn't be inexplicably hidden within the infrastructure of the keyboard.

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    Which ones? Its usualy Alt + Cntrl or AltGR, so for example 1,!,¹ is one key, 4,$,€ is another

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    Could you please post the full model name of your laptop, like AN5xx-xx.

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    More importantly, which language is your system designed for? Usually as Leo suggests it's the Alt Gr key in combination with the other keys that give you those characters, but your keyboard and Windows settings have to match.

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