High CPU temps and usage on Battlefield 2042 - Predator Orion 5000 PO5 640


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  • patches0311patches0311 Member Posts: 20 Networker

    @Ol_Snapper Just checked how I have mine set up - the Noctua includes a cable splitter, you plug both fans via splitter into the port marked CPU_FAN on the board(#4). Extra case fans get plugged into any SYS_FAN ports you have open after, in the #3 slots. You are removing

    You probably don't have to slip the cable tie, I did because its easier. Once you get your hands in there, everything is very intuitive as the cable ports are labeled. Just remember the SYS_FANs are case fans, and obviously the CPU cooler goes into the CPU_FAN slot. The extra case fan will not show up on your predator sense fan layout, maybe it will with a reinstall I'm not sure, but they will work as intended. All I do it set the fans to gaming when I'm putting the machine under heavy load and it works beautifully.

    With the fans in gaming mode, I'm pretty sure this thing could cool a nuclear reactor now.

  • Ol_SnapperOl_Snapper Member Posts: 45 Troubleshooter

    I honestly can't wait to get my hands on one. It really seems like it's worth the investment!

  • chugzillachugzilla Member Posts: 388 Seasoned Practitioner
    edited January 31

    01_Snapper read my post for more info i did mine Monday afternoon it was fun Haha

    Noctua NH-U12A install success [email protected]!! — Acer Community

  • JTMooreJTMoore Member Posts: 12


    Yes I had to snip one of the zip ties that was housing the cable for the original cooling fan. I have plugged the fans for the new Noctura dual cooler into solts 2 and 3. Exhaust fan is in slot 1 and the new exhaust fan at the top is in slot 4. Hope this helps!

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