Largest capacity m.2 in Aspire Z24-880-U13 ( 2018 model ) AIO.

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I was given an Acer Aspire Z24-880-U13 AIO and was planning on doing memory and storage upgrades to it. I know the m.2 slot is NVMe 3.0 compatible but want to know if anyone has installed a 1 TB or 2 TB m.2. The original specs state either 128 GB or 256 GB. Also want to know if memory greater than 2400 MHz would work. Don't care whether it will utilize higher frequencies but want to know if 2666 MHz would work.

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  • The size of any drive boot or slave, depends on the format, MBR/Legacy format can handle a max capacity of 2.2TB and GUID (GPT) or UEFI format is up to 8 Petabyte (1 petabyte = 1000TB) which is way more than you will ever be able to fit into this AIO.

    The Aspire Z24-880 is fitted by Acer with an up to 1TB 2.5" mechanical boot HDD, drive, you would be advised to change this to a 2.5" 1TB SSD as it will be quicker, but this AIO also has a DVD drive that has a SATA 3 connector, and you can replace the DVD (with a caddy) and fit another 2.5" mechanical or SSD drive, so you can add either the existing 1TB mechanical oem drive or replace it with a 1TB to 4TB 2.5" SSD with appropriate formats as described above to add more storage as a slave drive to this AIO PC.

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    I was planning on installing a Samsung 980 1 TB m.2 in the m.2 slot and replacing the 1 TB spinner with a Crucial MX500 2 TB SATA SSD. I have a LG BD-RE BU50N ( 4K burner ) that I might try to see if it works. The drive is in a Vantec USB 3.0 caddy, so no big deal if it doesn't work.

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    Those will work, there is not specific size limit, other than the technology and your wallet.

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    The drives worked but the BIOS can't " see " them. The MS disk manager was able to access them, and I was able to partition them in Win 10 Pro. Another unrelated problem I ran into has to do with the USB ports on the back. It appears that only two USB devices can be connected at a time. Connect a 3rd USB device results in the USB mouse being dropped. The devices are a USB mouse, USB keyboard, and USB thumb drive. Connect the thumb drive ( Patriot 256 GB ) and NO MOUSE, disconnect thumb drive and mouse returns. Cheap USB controller on motherboard, I guess.